Do I really need a CPA? Can't I do my own taxes?

Of course you can always do your own taxes, but the tax world is constantly changing and new regulations are always coming out. It is always a good idea to seek out experts to help make sure you are maximizing your earnings potential. Because let's be honest- you can't ask questions about things you aren't even aware of!

How can using your firm help my business?

There are many benefits in using our professionals. Our CPA's are constantly researching the new (and older) regulations to help our current and future clients. A great example of this is the new PPP loans and Employee Retention Tax Credit that came out during the last few years, that many were unsure of how to utilize, or even unaware of them entirely. We make sure if you qualify for something you are the first to know about it, and aid you in receiving those benefits.

What if I need help with something I do not see on your website?

Give us a call! We are professionals with a wide variety of skills and specializations and we are most likely able to assist you with whatever you are needing. 

Are you active in our community?

Absoutely! While our individual employees are all active members of this community, we as a company are proud sponsors of the Junior League of the Emerald Coast's Child Clothing Project charity, as well as sponsors of the Best of the Emerald Coast 2022 charity event. Have a community event you think we would be interested in supporting? Send us an email about it.

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